Le Gardien de chevaux

Réalisateur: Jin Xie. Chine, 1982.

En 1980, Xu Jingshan un vieil entrepreneur chinois retourne en Chine après avoir vécu aux États-Unis pour retrouver son fils qui devrait lui succéder. Dans le nord-ouest de la Chine, il retrouve son fils abandonné, qui travaille en tant que berger et professeur. Pendant plus de 30 ans, son fils a grandi comme un orphelin et c’était son voisin, un dresseur de chevaux, qui l’a aidé pendant toute sa jeunesse. Le vieux père essaye alors de comprendre son fils… Durée: 106 mn. Langue(s): Mandarin. Sous-titres: anglais Liens externes:

Director: Jin Xie. China, 1982. In autumn of 1980, an elderly Chinese American entrepreneur, Xu Jingyou ( Liu Qiong), returns to China, and finds his son, Xu Lingjun ( Zhu Shimao), a herdsman working in Chilechuan Ranch in northwestern China. The father wants to take his son to the United States to inherit his assets. However, the junior Xu is very distant with his father. More than 30 years ago, the father had abandoned his wife and son to do business in America. His mother died of disease and Xu becomes an orphan. After graduating from high school, Xu became a teacher. In 1957, he was classified as a « rightist » and sent to work in a ranch in the underdeveloped northwest. In 1962, when the labor penalty was terminated, Xu stayed at the ranch as a herdsman. Due to despair, Xu even attempted to commit suicide. But his fellow ranchers, especially Grandpa and Grandma Dong and Guo Zi, give him the courage and strength to carry on. During Cultural Revolution, Guo Zi and other ranchers protect him from political persecution. In 1972, Xu marries Li Xiuzhi, a village girl who had fled the famine in Sichuan. They give birth to a son, Little Qingqing, and the family lived a carefree life. Xu was rehabilitated in 1979 and returned to his post as a teacher. In the evening when Xu meets his father at the Peking Restaurant, his heart is uneasy. He recalls his past at the ranch and his wife’s trust in his returning, which consolidates his decision to stay in China. The senior Xu finally understands his son, and the two resume their kinship. After sending his father home, Xu returns to the ranch and to his friends and family.   Length: 106 mn. Language: Mandarin Sous-titres: anglais External Links:


导演: 谢晋 制片国家/地区: 中国 上映日期: 1982 1970年代末,在西北敕勒川牧场做了小半辈子牧马人的小学教师许灵均(朱时茂)一路风尘来到北 京饭店,与30年未曾谋面的父亲、旅美华侨企业家许景由(刘琼)见面。当年,追求个人自由的许景由无法忍受与妻子的错误婚姻,丢下妻儿去了美国。此次归 来,他有心带许灵均回美国继承事业。 交谈中,许灵均不认为将自己融在集体中、时时以国家利益为重的行为是思想陈旧的表现,对于父亲的舒适生活,他并不艳羡。 回顾自己几十年来所走的道路,虽有幼年成为弃儿、青年被打成右派下放牧场的悲惨经历,却也数次从牧区质朴、善良的乡民身上感受到人间温情,而在艰难岁月 中与四川苦命女李秀芝(丛珊)结为夫妻后,许灵均更是尝到苦尽甘来的心酸与甜美。他认为,国家在好不容易迈过“文革”这个大坎之后,个人更应该同亲朋一 起,不离不弃地跟着她走向新生。 片长: 106分钟. 语言: 汉语普通话 字幕: 英语 外部链接 :