Kekexili: la Patrouille sauvage

Réalisateur: Chuan Lu. Hong Kong, 2004. Pour empêcher le massacre des dernières antilopes du Tibet, une patrouille de volontaires part à la recherche d’un gang de braconniers sur les plateaux du Kekexili. Une poursuite impitoyable s’engage entre les deux groupes dans des conditions extrêmes, à 5000 mètres d’altitude. Durée: 90 minutes. Langues: Mandarin, tibétain Sous-titres: français Liens externes :

Director: Chuan Lu. Hong Kong, 2004. When Beijing journalist Ga Yu arrives at the mystical camp of the Kekexili Mountain Patrol, he witnesses a Tibetan funeral and a village in mourning. Ga Yu is determined to uncover the real story behind the mysterious disappearance of patrol volunteers, the killing of rare Tibetan antelopes and the rumor that the Mountain Patrol collaborates with the poachers. Ga Yu joins a patrol headed out into 40,000 square kilometers of wilderness. The illegal hunters are like phantoms in the uninhabited land, hiding in caves, tracking the patrol members like sinister shadows, waiting for the right moment to launch their deadly attack — the patrolmen have become the hunted. Despite the severe environment, the patrol led by Ri Tai risk their lives in the fight against the callous poachers. At first an observer, distanced by the lens of his camera, Ga Yu slowly becomes personally involved in the struggle. He gradually becomes aware that this is not just a regular patrol but a journey about life. To the patrol members, Kekexili is their homeland as well as it is the habitat of the antelopes. In the transmigration of life, they will always be on guard for the homeland. Through the eyes of Ri Tai and the other patrolmen, Ga Yu witnesses the real beauty of their lives: their faith. Length: 90 minutes. Languages: Mandarine chinese, standard tibetan Subtitles: français External links:


导演: 陆川 制片国家/地区: 中国 / 香港 上映日期: 2004 尕玉(张磊 饰)本来是个警察,为了调查藏羚羊猎杀状况,他假扮记者身份,随考察团来到可可西里——那里气候寒冷、空气稀薄,含氧量极低。就在这个人类生存的“禁 区”,尕玉目睹了一幕幕人性的贪婪以及人类与环境的狂暴冲突。首先是藏羚羊保护站的巡山队员被盗猎人枪杀,接下来他们见到了悲惨的一幕:盗猎者逃走,只留 下众多只剩嶙峋白骨的藏羚羊。巡山队员在恶劣的环境中追捕凶手,最终只夺回了一部份的藏羚羊皮毛。一方面要与恶劣的自然环境抗争、另一方面还要与凶残的盗 猎者周旋,巡山队员和尕玉面临着生死考验。 片长: 90分钟. 语言: 汉语普通话 / 藏语 字幕: 法语